Sewing Away Anxiety

I had a half hour before I had to get ready to leave for my Bellydancing class.  I couldn’t even imagine making another potholder, but I still wanted to sew.

I’d been feeling anxious all day, even after meditating a couple of times.  Sewing can focus me at such times, making me forget the jittery feeling going on under my skin.  So I picked up some of the scraps on my floor and started sewing.

If I didn’t have Bellydancing class, which I know will also help calm my anxiety, I’d have been content to stay in my studio for hours adding onto this piece.

I have no idea if it will become something other than what it is.  I wasn’t thinking about that while I was sewing, I wasn’t thinking about anything but what I was sewing.  That’s where so much the joy of it came from.

6 thoughts on “Sewing Away Anxiety

  1. Yes yes yes! I’m sorry you were feeling anxious, but I totally agree with you that making something and moving are great ways to handle that feeling.

  2. Sharon writes a poem in response:

    sew what
    so what
    purely a state of mind

    try to sell anxiety
    for $2.99 a lb.
    better yet calmness and peace
    for $1.99
    shipping on the airwaves is always free

    using scraps of time
    in unity with scraps of color
    extra extra read all about it

  3. I finished a deadline yesterday. Delivered the last of my potholders. Since the first of September I have made over 140 of the little buggers. Today I may just go to my studio and sew scraps together just because I can. I follow your blog and love it. Each potholder you make is like a little miniature piece of art. I’ve been making them since 1975 as a way to boost my income. Mostly I use the log cabin pattern. No two are alike. I use the scraps from my larger fiber art pieces. It encourages me to see someone working as hard as I do just making lots of things. Keep it up. Love your dogs.

    1. Hey Ruth, nice to hear from you, a fellow potholder maker. You’ve been making them much longer than I have. I can only imagine how many you’ve made since 1975!

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