If I Were A Painter

I should have been working on finishing off my potholders today, but when I got in my studio, all I could think of was the piece I started yesterday.

I didn’t even turn on my computer till after dinner.  By the time I left my studio, it had grown.  I hung it on the wall and thought if I were a painter, this is the kind of painting I would make.

I’m not sure what comes next, or what direction it will go in, but I know now that I’ll keep working on it.

8 thoughts on “If I Were A Painter

  1. Isn’t wonderful that those anxious moments lead to beauty ! I have a feeling this is turning into another lovely piece of art from you! I keep yarn and either crochet hooks or knitting needles in my basket for those moments when I need to just breathe. Some fun dish rags and scarves have been the result of feeling out of kilter. I am enjoying watching this piece evolve!

    1. It’s such a good way to deal with it when possible Josie. I have to admit I wasn’t sure about this after I started working on it. I’m having a hard time seeing it. I hope Ill be able to see it clearly next week. Nice to hear I’m in good company. 🙂

  2. When I respond viscerally to one of your works of art I pay attention. You have many pieces I like and respond to from the aspect of design, color choices or fabrics but there are others that bypass my brain and I feel more intuitively and just want to sit with them. Like the way I visit art museums. I’m responding that way to this piece. I can offer “reasons” why I like it but it goes much deeper than that. Just thought l’d let you know.

    1. I get that Lois, it’s the way I look at art. It’s very encouraging to hear about this piece too. I’m still figuring out what I feel about it. THanks

  3. If it becomes a quilt sign me up. I love the play of that red at the too and the blue at bottom. It feels very French to me. All of ours were lost in the fire. Time to begin again …

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