My Heron Poster In A Frame

Kathye sent me this picture of my Heron poster that she had framed at The Image Loft in Manchester Vermont.

Jon and I have known Carolyn who owns the Image Loft for years, so it was nice to get a “hello” from her in Kathye’s email along with getting to see how the poster turned out. I love that little hint of orange on the inside edge of the frame.

I always enjoy seeing how people choose to hang my art, whether framed or not.

10 thoughts on “My Heron Poster In A Frame

  1. Framing is such an art, in and of itself. That slice of orange — amazing how it pulls the orange up and out of the poster, and really balances the entire image. You don’t even notice it, until you do, and then it draws you right back in. Well done!

      1. A supporting role. “And the Oscar for Best Supporting Artist goes to… Carolyn of the Image Loft!”

    1. They Are Nancy. You can get them in my Etsy Shop, just click here. or you can email me. They are $30 including shipping and I take checks, PayPal and venmo. Thanks for asking. I’ll email you about them too.

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