A New Bunch Of Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Some of my Potholders that are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

All those Potholders that I’ve been consumed with are now done.  A few of them are already sold, but there are still plenty for sale in my Etsy Shop.

In my travels, through my scraps, I found the last piece of frog fabric. So the Last Frog Potholder in my Etsy Shop really is the last one.

All the bunnies are already sold, but I do have a couple of Dreaming Animals….

Sweet Animal Dreams Potholder

And then there are the Green Birds.  There’s something festive about them, maybe it’s in the songs they’re singing.

As Jon wrote on his blog last week, my potholders make good stocking stuffers, and as Sue, who bought a few of my potholders and magnets said “Best shopping for friends ever.”

Happy Goldfish Potholder

All of these potholders are $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more. And if you miss out on them this week, I have more in the works for next week.

You can see them all up close and buy them in my Etsy Shop.   Just click here. You can also email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo.

Green Bird Potholders

4 thoughts on “A New Bunch Of Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

  1. I am curious about the overall size of the potholders and what is inside to reduce the heat coming through.
    I do think they would make lovely holiday gifts

    1. They’re about 8″x8″ LoisJean. And they have a layer of cotton batting and a layer of insulbrite batting in them. They can be machine washed and dried.

  2. When you say you’ll have more next week, does that mean you have more of the same fabric left (other than the frog fabric)? I’d like to buy a couple of the goldfish potholders (LOVE THEM!!!) for myself and 2 or 3 more of them as gifts…doable?!?

    1. I only have the one goldfish left Jenn. I don’t have anymore of that fabric. I wish I had more fabric, I’d surely make them for you. Thanks for asking .

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