Minnie And Flo’s Winter Home In The Basement


Minnie and Flo in the crate on the Back porch today.

Since the cats have come into the basement for the winter, we have less evidence of mice in the kitchen.  I can tell when they caught a mouse because they show little interest in their food.

Today the sun was warm so I put Minnie and Flo outside for a while.  They cuddled together in the crate on the back porch making me think they’d rather be in the basement in the warm cat house we bought them last year.

I’m seeing It’s actually selfish of me to bring the cats outside.  I crave the sun so much, I think they must too.  But in reality, they probably love the basement.  It’s safe and warmer than being outside this time of year and there are plenty of mice to keep them busy.

Flo does seem more confused lately.  She is always all the way in the cathouse when I go into the basement.  Since she is deaf I have to stick my hand in the house and touch her to let her know when I’m bringing her food.  Unlike Minnie, who lounges in the doorway, keeping an eye on things.

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