Karen’s Scraps and The Cat Potholders


One of the Cat Potholders I made today using some of scraps

When Karen gave me the bag of scraps, I was a bit overwhelmed.  They were wonderful, mostly thin strips of fabric, but there were so many of them.

Jon asked if I wanted help when I dumped the bag out on the dining room table and started organizing them.  It didn’t take as long as we thought it would.  We just kept rolling up the strips of fabric and putting them in piles with like colors, or tried to anyway.

Some of the rolled-up scraps of fabric

At one point Jon texted Sue Silverstein to ask if she would like some of them.  I knew I could use the scraps but also had enough to share.  And both Jon and I know by now that Sue would make good use of them.

As I rolled, I was thinking of the cat fabric that was on my work table in my studio.  I found the perfect material to go with the cats, the last time I was in my studio.  That would be the bulk of the potholder, but I still needed some smaller pieces to frame the cats with.

Now I had that fabric too.

The cat potholders came together quickly, the big flower fabric balanced with the smaller prints of the thin strips.

I hope to have these all done by the end of the week.

The cat potholders I designed today.

6 thoughts on “Karen’s Scraps and The Cat Potholders

  1. PLEASE save me one of the potholders with the 2 cats playing (the one you enlarged) and when they are ready for sale I may want 1or2 others.
    Adorable print. I always wonder where these prints with small animals can be found. I haven’t seen any in stores, other than butterflies

  2. The second or third potholder in the bottom row. If those are taken the first one in that bottom row. I will send a $50.00 check for my two potholders as soon as I hear from you. Sorry that I did not mail it out on Monday; it has been crazy busy here in Iowa. At home we have had trouble with coyotes, a neighbor shot 2-3 that were bothering his farm.

  3. These are beautiful pot holders. I’ve sent some fabric to the cause. I found it at an estate sale and it had your name all over it. What fun!! Sent it off in the mail yesterday and it should arrive on Thursday. Sometime I wish I still sewed but it’s much more fun watching you create!

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