Suzy, Socks and Suzy Fatzinger’s Next Shawl

Suzy (who is named after Suzy Fatzinger and Socks are my oldest sheep.  They are also the first sheep that I got along with Socks’ mother Tess who died many years ago and is buried in the barnyard.

Suzy’s  Painted Shawl sold quickly yesterday.  It was only in my Etsy Shop for about 20 minutes.

I loved texting Suzy to tell her.  “Good Lord!!” she wrote back.  Then we talked about how her shawls are now all over the country, from New York to California to Florida and many places in between.

Suzy will make one more shawl this year which she hopes to finish by the end of the week.

This one will be made with all natural colors.  She plans on using more of Issachar’s wool (which she called rich, soft, and lovely) And she’ll also be using some of Socks’ wool.  It was quite a few years ago that Suzy spun Socks’ roving into yarn and won a red ribbon at the fair with it.

Issachar’s wool is almost black and Socks’ wool is a lighter brown.  Suzy will also be using some of the mohair from her angora goats and perhaps some wool from some of her other fiber sources.

I can’t wait to see what this shawl looks like.

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