Small Steps Forward

Jon and I sat in the foot surgeon’s office waiting to hear if his toe was healing.

I looked out the window and saw this tree in the parking lot.  Something about the way the wires were pulling in opposite directions, to help keep the tree growing straight got my attention.  In retrospect, I may have been seeing in that tree, that back and forth that Jon has been going through for over a year now with his foot.

The good news was his doctor was happy with the way it looked.  But Jon’s foot is so flat, it’s going to be a while till it all gets sorted out between orthotics and getting a brace to help straighten his foot.

I left feeling hopeful even if we were both still uncertain.

We had lunch on the way home then I had a dentist appointment.  I had put my toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in a bag to take with me but I left it on the dining room table. I think it’s bad enough for someone to be subjected to looking in someone’s mouth and scraping their teeth, I don’t think its fair to expect anyone to have to see what I had for lunch too.

When I told the dental hygienist, she offered to give me a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss so I could brush my teeth before she began her work.  I never would have thought to ask.

So Jon and I spent most of our day in waiting rooms and doctor and dentist chairs.   It was starting to get dark by the time we got home.   But I got the fires in the woodstove going and fed the animal. Then I had a little time in my studio, finishing off some potholders.

My Lulu and Fanny magnets arrived today too.  But it was too dark to take pictures of the magnets and potholders, so I’ll put them up for sale tomorrow.

The wind is howling outside the darkened windows, Bud is snoring in front of the fire and pea soup is warming on the stove as I write this.  I’m eager to get back to my studio, but after a day of doing little and getting much accomplished, I’m too tired to do much more.

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