My Lulu And Fanny Magnet Sold Out, But More Are On The Way

My Lulu and Fanny Magnet is 2″x3″ and is $6 including shipping.  It is sold out.  for sale in my Etsy Shop.

That’s Lulu on the left and Fanny on the right sharing hay together.  As they do everything.

Fanny and Lulu are sisters.  Jon got Fanny to keep his donkey Carol company when he first moved to Bedlam Farm in 2003.  When Carol died not long after that (she was an old sick donkey who lived alone for years before she was given to Jon) he got Lulu to keep Fanny company.

So Fanny and Lulu have been together their whole lives. They’re  20 years old which is about middle-aged for donkeys.  I hope the three of us can grow old together.

I took this picture of Lulu and Fanny a few weeks ago.  Now I’ve made it into a magnet.  The magnet is sold out, but I’ve ordered more and expect to get them early next week.  2″x3″ and is $6 including shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  

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