Zinnia Keeping Jon Good Company

Zinnia resting her head on Jon’s foot as he sleeps

Jon woke up with some kind of stomach bug.  Could be a bad reaction to the lunch we had out yesterday.  We tried a new cafe and it wasn’t the kind of food we usually eat.

Whatever the cause, after putting up a picture on his blog earlier, Jon has been fast asleep, with Zinnia close by resting her head on his foot.

We have a good hydrating recipe from our doctor of rice, cooked with a little butter, lots of water, and some cumin and Tumeric.  I have belly dancing class this evening and I’ll know for sure if Jon is feeling better if he blogs while I’m away.

4 thoughts on “Zinnia Keeping Jon Good Company

  1. Looks like Zinnia is using some healing vibes on Jon’s foot.
    Or at the least keeping it warm tucked under her head.
    What a born therapy dog!

  2. Maria,

    As I have said before, it is such a pleasure to read both of your blogs. Hearing what life is like on the farm, hearing about the animals and your stories and products are the best way to start my day…………… (after walking my dog of course:)

    The picture of Zinnia is so cute! I hope Jon feels better.

    Thanks and I can hardly wait to receive my pot holders. You are definitely my new source of fantastic gifts:)

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