An Old Donkey Potholder

Ann’s  well used Donkey Potholder

It was sweet seeing that old Donkey Potholder.  It makes me smile every time I do.

Ann Firestone, president of  Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue sent me the picture of her well-used potholder.   She wanted to know if I could make four more potholders similar to it for her to give to her “best donkey gal pals.”

Of course, I said I would.  I don’t take many commissions anymore, but sometimes one comes along that I just can’t resist.  Ann and the other people at Save Your Ass, help so many donkeys who need homes.

It took me some practice to get back the feeling for drawing this Fanny and Lulu-inspired potholder.  But once I was into it, it came back to me and I turned out four new drawings.

I put Ann’s Donkey Potholders in the mail to her today. When I told her she wrote back… “Thank you, Maria! They are perfect!  Gifts for My donkey owning besties!!”

Check out the Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue website.  If any of you out there own donkeys and have good photos of them, you might want to enter their donkey photo calendar contest.  It’s an easy $5 donation per photo to enter.

Come to think of it, I have a few good donkey photos, I just might enter the contest myself.

My practice drawing and pile of finished Donkey potholders

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