Forgotten Dinner


It’s 8:30 and I just finished packing up all those Lulu and Fanny magnets along with a few potholders and Heron posters.  They’ll all go in the mail tomorrow.

Our shearer and friend Ian came for dinner.  I was so caught up in my shipping I forgot he was coming and so did Jon.  But he and Jon ran out and got a pizza for dinner before Ian went to read some of his poetry at the Battenkill Books Poetry night.  I was thinking of going too but wanted to get my shipping done.

It was a welcomed break for me when Ian showed up.  Jon and I don’t have a lot of young people in our lives and well, Ian is a poet at heart. He sits easily at our dinner table.  Ian continues to write his poetry and is reading it in public more and more.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Now I’m going to have a cup of tea and read.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Dinner

  1. it is a beautiful thing how you and Jon and Ian have become a family. there are different kinds. you are doing a good job unconditionally encouraging this boy. it is a rare experience.

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