Making Some Sheep Potholders


This sheep reminds me of my sheep Suzy

I wish I could remember who sent me the sheep fabric, but as often happens when fabric comes to me I get a lot from different people at one time.   And the past month I have been blessed with lots of fabric.

Some of that fabric came from Karen who send a big bag of scraps. So big some of them will go to Sue Silverstein’s art class.

But in that bag were these small pieces already sewn together.  My first thought was that using them was like starting a puzzle with some of the pieces already put together.  But then I remembered the sheep fabric and knew they would go so well together.

Working on the Sheep Potholders

I’ve been making potholders for weeks now.  They’re selling quickly  I imagine mostly for Christmas gifts. I wake up thinking of potholders, the ones I’m working on and the ones I have to put in the mail.

The saying Make hay while the sun shines, is running on a loop in my head.  I even found myself singing it as I was bringing firewood into the house this afternoon.

And the potholers I’m making are humming along.

If I didn’t have other things to do (like finishing them off,  posting potholders in my Etsy Shop, and putting them in the mail) I’d be in my studio all day long designing potholders.

These are the ones I designed today.  I’m planning on putting them up for sale early next week while there’s still time for me to get them in the mail for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Making Some Sheep Potholders

  1. As I hail from the “land down under” where so many of us grew up “on the sheeps’ back” I would love to order one of the sheep potholders whenever you have them ready.

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