Sheep Potholders For Sale

Striped Sheep Potholder for sale here. 

My Sheep Potholders were fun to make. I sold five of the ten before I even finished them.  Now I have five that I’m selling in my Etsy Shop.  

They are $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  I do have more of this fabric, so if there is more demand, I will make some more.

As I was naming them, I saw how each sheep has a different pattern on them, some with names I knew.  Striped Sheep above was easy.  Then there was Argyle Sheep….

Argyle Sheep Potholder

I had to look that pattern up to make sure I got it right.  I saw a grid on the sheep below, but like the name Criss-Cross better.

Criss Cross Sheep Potholder

Plaid Sheep was another easy pattern to recognize.

Plaid Sheep Potholder

And last but not least,  there was little gray sheep…

Little Gray Sheep

4 thoughts on “Sheep Potholders For Sale

  1. I think you have out done yourself. These are outstanding! My green birds and music arrived, Thank you. It’s going to be a gift for a special someone, dear to me.

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