Donkey Magnet Delay….

Oh wasn’t I upset when I realized the package I got today from Stickermule had 100 Lulu and Fanny stickers in it instead of magnets.

I really wanted it to be their fault.  I wanted them to have made the mistake.  But it wasn’t them, it was me.  I ordered stickers instead of magnets.

So there will be a Lulu and Fanny magnet delay.  Now I’m scheduled to get them on December 22nd.

And I’m thinking of selling Lulu and Fanny Stickers.  Maybe in packs of 5. That could be fun…

8 thoughts on “Donkey Magnet Delay….

  1. Are you planning on getting more heron magnets too? I was too slow to order one last time and it was such a beautiful piece!

  2. You can make your own magnets with the stickers. Buy a sheet magnet and put the stickers on it. Then cut them out with scissors or a rotary cutting and cutting mat.
    I hope this helps.

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