Potholders With A Capital “P’

Making potholders and shipping potholders.  That’s what I’ve been doing for what feels like weeks.  But really I don’t have a good sense of how long it’s actually been.  I just know that I’ve been really busy.

Which, of course, is really good.  So I thank you all who have been eager to get my potholders.

I can’t seem to make enough sheep potholders.  But I realized today, with the snow that’s coming, I’m not going to be able to get any more potholders in the mail until Monday.  Which may be too late for Christmas.

And that takes some of the pressure off. So the potholders I made today are no longer about gifts.

I got my last bundles of potholders to the post office a half hour before they closed today. There was some relief in that, now, for me, the rush is over.

As I ran low on shipping envelopes I used some of the Amazon envelopes that I’d been saving.  I had fun covering up the Amazon logo with my own shipping tape. I don’t want people to be confused when they get my package.

I’m kind of amazed at what my Potholders have become. How much people want them.

Jon and I were talking about it today at lunch.  How they are like small quilts.  Something anyone who cooks can use.  I’ve always been partial to functional art.  I guess it’s the practical part of me. Somehow Potholders (with a capital “P”)  suit me really well.

The Sheep Potholders I began making today. Some of these are already sold

4 thoughts on “Potholders With A Capital “P’

  1. I love your Potholders! They have personality and the ones I have make me smile! I like that no two are alike and they are very functional. Thank you for taking me along on your sewing journeys, I have learned a lot! Stay warm ☺️

  2. In Scandinavia everyday objects are often looked at with a need to be both functional and beautiful at the same time. I look at your potholders the same way. Beautiful and functional. To be enjoyed every day.

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