Cleaning Up My Studio


It started with my work table.  After I cleaned it and the floor of all the fabric I’d been using the past week, I was faced with my very dirty worktable.

I’m not sure what it was that stained the canvas cover on my table, but it stuck to the bottom of my iron.  I was too involved in making potholders to stop and recover the table, so I cleaned my iron, threw a piece of fabric over the stain, and continued working.

But today I knew I couldn’t start something new without recovering my table.

To do that I had to pull it away from the window, and when I did, I was faced with months of dust bunnies.  They clung to the mullions on the windows, made all the crevices between the floorboards furry and danced across the floor.

So after recovering the table, I brought in the vacuum.  And when I was done with that I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I hung my standing shelf up on the wall.

It was easy to do, I was able to get three long screws in a beam so I knew it would be secure.  But then, after looking at it hanging up, I wondered why I hadn’t hung it higher….

So I took it down again.  Propped it up higher and screwed it back onto the wall.

Now I have a little more floor space and the shelf doesn’t block the baseboard heat.

Come Monday, I’ll have a very clean studio to work in.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Studio

  1. Bet that felt very satisfying when it was done, added bonus you got to look through some of your fabric as you unloaded and reloaded your hanging shelf.

  2. I always feel honored when you share your sacred sanctuary called your studio.
    Love the idea of getting more floor space and putting the cabinet on the wall.

  3. Wow, your studio looks great!! My sewing room is a bit chaotic, but after I finish up my last 2 projects I will go after the chaos and get organized for the new year. Happy sewing!

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