Making Grape Vine Wreaths For The Mansion

The grapevine wreaths for The Mansion

On Monday I’ll be going to The Mansion to teach my monthly art class.  Since it’s so close to Christmas I thought I’d bring some grapevine wreaths that we could decorate.

Today was the perfect day to make the wreaths.  We didn’t get the snow we expected and it was warmer than it has been in days.  So I got the clippers and got rid of some of the grapevines that are growing on the fence and used them to make wreaths.

The sheep and donkeys followed me into the south pasture where they haven’t been for months.  The grass is long and green and they dug through the snow to get to it.

I got Liam’s attention when I walked back with the wreaths on my arm. He wasn’t sure what to make of them.

I clipped the grapevines and twisted them into nine wreaths while the animals gazed.   It’s rare to have that many people in my class, but I wanted to make sure I had for anyone who shows up.

I have some dried flowers and I’ll cut some strips of red and green fabric for us to use as ribbon. I’ll bring beads, get some bells at the Dollar Store and cut sage from my garden too.

The people who make them can either keep them for their rooms, give them as gifts or hang them in around The Mansion.

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