Path To The Pasture

We didn’t get the snowstorm we were expecting.  It was actually warmer today than it’s been in a week. The snow melting, mud under the ice.

The donkeys and sheep have been making their way into the back pasture regularly.  They have a well-worn path in the snow that winds its way down the slope in the barnyard. There isn’t much to eat there, but as long as the snow isn’t too deep, they will graze on what ever they can.

2 thoughts on “Path To The Pasture

  1. Maria, I love these notes and your pics about life on the farm. You warmly tell how the creatures are doing as well as the weather. Most of all the comments are on target and feed memory bits for me all day long. They weave between the day’s events as well as memory past. I hope you keep them stashed for the books that will feed the minds of children. Your gift is so special. Veronica

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