Making Grapevine Wreaths At The Mansion

decorating grapevine wreaths at The Mansion

I’ve never seen The Mansion decorated like it is this year.   The ceilings of the hallways are glowing with lights and decorations.  Most of them were bought by so many of you who donated money to The Army of Good to make it happen.

Today at The Mansion we were doing more decorating.

I brought in the nine grapevine wreaths I made over the weekend along with ribbons and dried flowers I had and some bells and reindeer I got at the Dollar Store.

Susan wasn’t interested in making a wreath, so she colored while Bonnie and I helped everyone else wrap their wreaths in ribbon, weave the dried flowers into the grapevine and tie on the bells and reindeer.


Lori had a great smile for me once she finished her wreath.


June always claims she’s not an artist but always shows up and makes something wonderful. Even if her wreath is upside down in this picture.


Ruth showed up late but came running when she heard we were making wreaths. She wanted to have one for her room.


Peg kept her colors to soft reds pinks and tans.  It had a very natural feeling to it.

And Claudia tied her wreath to the front of her walker.

After everyone finished the wreaths and left for lunch Bonnie, the activities director, showed me some of the art and crafts they’ve been making.  There were snowmen made from a gel-like substance that holds the shape of whatever it’s molded into.  (I loved the way it felt) Paintings on glasses and bottles and lots of paintings on canvas.

The room was humming with activity.  It felt good to be there.

4 thoughts on “Making Grapevine Wreaths At The Mansion

  1. What a wonderful project for these lovely seniors! Their wreaths are beautiful and can last for a long time. Maria, you bring so much joy!

  2. What a wonderful way to start the week. It looks like everyone had a fun time creating a beautiful wreath. I love that Claudia is sharing her wreath throughout the building by having it displayed on the front of her Walker and it looks like Ruth arrived just in time to make one for her room! My mom was in a place much like the Mansion for 13 years and the staff always worked hard to make the residents feel loved and cared for. At Christmas the residents with the staffs help had a door decorating day and it made the place so cheerful. You could feel the magic of the Christmas season throughout the place! Blessings to you, Jon, and all that live on Bedlam Farm!❄️

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