Almost Sold Out Of Lulu and Fanny Magnets

I can hardly believe it.  I have only four Lulu and Fanny magnets left.  In the past couple of days, I sent out almost 100 magnets and many Lulu and Fanny Stickers too.

In each of my packages, whether you buy one magnet,  two potholders or a quilt I put one of my postcards.  Today I used up all my Heron and Nourishing Tears postcards.  But I still had about twenty magnets to send out.

So I looked through our cabinet and found a postcard with a picture of Fate, Bud and Red that Jon took a few years ago. They went in the rest of my packages and will be the card I use until I get more of my own.

I did plan on getting to my studio and making more Sheep Potholders.  I have some more people who want them and I have more fabric.  But my shipping took longer than expected.  And then I went to The Mansion with Jon and Zinnia to visit some of the people in Memory Care.   A few of them are regulars in my art classes.

We stopped at the Co-op to get some onions so I can make soup (split pea and lentil) during the storm that’s on its way.  We also stocked up on sand (we use that instead of icemelt) and birdseed and ran a few other errands in town. After that I had to tend to Lulu who has been limping.

By the time I got done feeding the animals and bringing in wood, it was dark and I hadn’t even blogged.

So the potholders will have to wait till tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting back to my studio.

Jon and Fate waiting in the car for me while I ran some errands this afternoon.

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