Another Batch Of Sheep Potholders

My latest batch of Sheep Potholders

For the first time all week, I got into my studio today long enough to design ten more Sheep Potholders.  I have requests for about half of them.  The rest I’ll put up for sale in my Etsy Shop.

But that won’t be happening till sometime next week.

I sold out of my Lulu and Fanny Magnets today. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting more.  But like the potholders, that decision will have to wait.

It did feel good to be sewing again.

Jon and I are going away overnight the day after Christmas.  So I probably won’t get back to my studio until the middle of next week.  I’m ready for a break from the “busy work”.  When I do get back to my studio, it’s nice to know there is the beginning of a quilt waiting for me.

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