The Snow Arrives At Bedlam Farm

Fanny, Liam, Suzy, Kim and Socks in the back

The donkeys and some of the older sheep were reluctant to come out of the pole barn this morning. The snow hadn’t started yet, it wasn’t raining and the temperature was in the 50’s but the wind was blowing all night long.

That was enough to make them cautious.

I fed the donkeys in the barn (Lulu is still keeping her distance from me since I tried to soak her hoof yesterday) and did my best to let Lulu know I wouldn’t be bothering her anymore.

All day the weather changed from one moment to the next.  There was every mixture of rain, sleet, sun, and wind until late this afternoon when the snow started.

It’s coming down hard and quick now.  Cold wet snow that stranded the hens under the coop.

The hen huddled under the coop as it got dark.


Chickens are like that.  Once it starts to get dark, if they don’t go into the coop, they go into a dozing state they don’t wake from till the morning.

It might have been that the snow came down so quickly it covered the roost they jump up onto to get into the coop.  Or maybe it was the wind, blowing the snow around them that kept them out.

Whatever it was, I knew they’d be easy to catch and put in the coop one at a time. And it was. White Hen gave me a bit of a chase, but I didn’t let her get far.  It was too cold to play games.

Biddy Robin and Lori

As I locked up the coop, I could hear two sheep braying.  Constance was sniffing around the feeders not bothered by the snow and wind one bit. And Robin was at the gate asking for a treat.

The gate was already frozen, so I went into the barnyard through the barn.  By then all the sheep came into the pole barn, the younger ones caked in frosty white snow.

They don’t feel a thing I thought.  All that wool, the snow is probably refreshing after the warm temperatures all day.

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