The Birds In The Woodshed

We have a new flock of birds at the farm.  They live in the barn and the woodshed.  They steal the laying mash from inside the chicken coop and roost in the doorway.  This morning I brushed bird dropping from Lulu’s back.

The birds hang out in the lilac bush and on the window in the woodshed.  I don’t know what kind of birds they are, if anyone out there does, l’d love to know.

18 thoughts on “The Birds In The Woodshed

  1. They found a home for the winter and food right there. Possibility wrens maybe? They look like the little birds that used to come to my home every March to the little birdhouse we had on our garage

  2. I would guess they might be Mourning Doves. It was a bit difficult to tell from the photo. They have a tendency to roost on our stoop in the sun and poop.

  3. I was thinking House Sparrows, but the field marks are wrong. The light backs, with dark primary wing feathers, for instance. Also, House Sparrows favor holes for shelter, such as in trees. I can see how they might be Goldfinches in alternate (winter) plumage, but those haven’t usually overwintered in places where it regularly gets to 0ºF or below. However, global warming is changing the habits of many creatures, so maybe these, or some of them, are Goldfinches. It’s hard to be sure because they’re a little hazy in the background, and the angle doesn’t show some details. When you see them at feeders Goldfinches are delicate, with sharply defined features. The males have a slight yellow glow on their breasts, but no black caps in winter. If you have a seed feeder out the surest way to really see and identify them would be through that, and maybe binoculars. … It’s been many years since I left the northeast, though, so I’m a bit out of touch with how bird populations have shifted. These are definitely seed eaters, with the short, conical beaks, which indicates sparrow or finch.

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