Kitty’s Shawl

“I’ve been thinking of it as Kitty’s Shawl,” Suzy texted me.

We’d been discussing a name for it, it’s the shawl I saw as feathers, the one with the natural wool. Wool from both my sheep Socks and Issachar.  As well as Churro, which comes from Navajo-Churro sheep.

But I couldn’t write “Kitty’s Shawl” as the name of the shawl on my blog because it was Kitty’s Christmas gift from her husband Charlie.

Kitty sent me this photo of her in her shawl on Christmas morning.  You may remember Kitty, she’s a dancer and artist as well as a good friend.  She introduced me to Bellydancing and had her drawings in the last two Bedlam Farm Open Houses.

The funny thing is when Kitty texted me the photo she wrote…”I love my Suzy Shawl!”

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