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My Heron postcards leaning up against the door of the closed shop

I grew up on Long Island where you chained your bicycle up when going in a store, had the radio stolen out of your car even when you locked your door and if you lost your wallet, you would not expect to get it back.

So I’m still always a bit surprised when I go to the printers in town to pick up my postcards and find them leaning against the doors of the closed shop.

Brad and his father own the print shop together and as often happens when I stop in to see if my order is ready, Brad’s father (somehow I never got his name and just think of him as Brad’s father) lets me know that he just needs a couple of hours to cut the postcards or business cards apart and asks if I can come back.

When I need just a few to get me through, he’ll cut some while I wait.

Today he closed the shop before I got back to pick up my Heron postcards.  But there they were, propped up against the door, waiting for me. At some point, I’ll get a bill in the mail and pay for them.

Now when I send out my Sheep Potholders on Monday, I’ll be able to put in a Heron card with each order.

4 thoughts on “Little Town Print Shop

  1. Better check. As a former letter carrier post office will close on Monday as it will be the federal holiday for new years. Fed ex and UP S may not take the day off.

  2. That reminds me of my neighbour and his passport, which came by the mail at the time. He wasn’t at home when the postwoman brought it, and she thought that his rickety mailbox wasn’t safe enough. As she knew it was urgent, she hid it in the woodshed then phoned him to explain where it was. Helpful people are common in the countryside (small village in France).

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