Circles And Lines, More Painted Hankies

The three hankies

I got into my studio early and spent almost three hours painting more hankies.

The three above are three hankies that were stacked on top of each other.  The first was the top hankie, the second the one beneath that and the third beneath the second hankie.

The second and third hankie have the residue, what bled through from the top hankie.

Below is how I finished off painting the second and third hankies. I’m not always so methodical about it, but in these I wanted to carry over that small straight line from the center of the circles onto the other two hankies.

I already have a nice pile of painted hankies.  I still have to set the paint by ironing them all.  Then I start making them into scarves.  But I think I want to paint some more first.

I like having a lot of material to choose from when combining the hankies.  They’re all different sizes too, so I’ll probably be cutting some and sewing others together.

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