The Bear Dream And The Pine Cave

Last night I dreamed  I was walking my dog though a neighborhood without houses.  There were trees and sidewalks and streets.  I saw a black bear crossing the street ahead of us. So I turned around and walked the other way.  But then the bear started to follow us.  So I walked down another road and suddenly the bear was in front of us again.

Then I woke up.

Susan sent me the Animal Medicine cards.  I didn’t choose a card, I just looked up the message of the bear in the book that came with the cards.  Then I read about Bear in Animal Speak.

Jon and I went to see the movie Avatar on Sunday.  We saw it in 3D and there were some beautiful visuals in the movies. But the story was lacking and there were too many explosions for me.   The movie was almost 3 1/2 hours.  Too long.  So for the last hour or so I closed my eyes and meditated.

First I imagined myself flying out of the theater.  But it was dreary out so I went to my pine cave instead.

I saw myself sitting in the cave.  I brewed a cup of pine needle tea over a small fire.  When it cooled it sipped the tea.  Then I took some of the ashes and rubbed them on a small ringworm rash on my arm.  ( I was horrified when I first realized I had ringworm.  Only when I looked into it did I see it has nothing to do with worms and is the same fungus as athlete’s foot.  I probably got it from one of the animals).

I stayed in the pine cave till the movie ended, sipping tea and being still, only vaguely hearing the noise from the movie.

When I read about the meaning of the bear, both books referred to the hibernating bear.  They mention the cave as a place to go for calming the mind, being in silence and going inside ourselves. This time is important for bringing forth our truth and putting it into the world.

I feel like finding the pine cave and going there in my mind and the bear dream are all reinforcing the idea that I need to make more space in my daily life for quieting my mind, for meditative moments.  That this is something I need right now.  That it will benefit me personally, but also creatively.

I don’t usually think much about the New Year.  I never make resolutions or set goals for myself. But any new year, no matter the culture it is a good time to start anew.  And since the cave and the bear have come to me at this time of year, it seems another sign for me to take it seriously.

It’s so easy to forget a dream and its meaning.  But I do have the pine cave, which is a very real reminder.  And now I can go there whenever I want, where ever I am.

9 thoughts on “The Bear Dream And The Pine Cave

  1. What a powerful dream. The bear has been my guide for a few decades now, and helps me to decipher what is on the walls of the cave (whatever is surrounding me now).
    Reading what you wrote was a good reminder for me. Especially during a time of hibernation and as we move into a new year. I wonder what will be awakening when the time is right.

    1. How nice to just wonder and not have to know until it happens LoisJean. I like how you use your bear guide. I’ve never heard it put that way before.

  2. This is a beautiful message! I need more time for meditation.
    There is still time to put my truth out into the world. I am 84 and know my time is limited. Thank you, Maria!

  3. I like how your being in the cave, much like bear hibernates is symbolic of going within and drawing inward. I created an animal themed oracle deck that will be out in spring some time and in it Bear represents introspection. So that seems fitting here too.

  4. Stunning picture, Maria. It’s like the tree is sheltering Fate and Zinnia; something has startled them; Fate is keeping watch and Zinnia is holding back, or maybe has Fate’s back; she’s keeping watch as well. There’s a story in that picture; there is security and safety but also a foreboding sense of danger outside the shelter of the branches. I’m sure they just stopped under the tree for a rest LOL but so much can be read into the photo. Thank you.

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