“Now” Hankies

My “Now” hankies

It was years ago when I first came up with the idea to use the word “now” repeated on a quilt.  I always pictured the word like a big rubber stamp on one of the old worn-out quilts that I have.  But I still haven’t figured out how to do it to make it look like what I see in my mind.

Today I took that same idea and used it on my hankies.  What an active meditation that was, painting the word “now” over and over in the silence of my studio.

The word makes some interesting patterns on the hankies and I like the idea of a “now” scarf.

the back of the truck

The other thing that inspired me today was the back of a truck.

I was driving behind it coming home from the post office and was immediately taken by the design the doors created. The truck slowed down to turn and I was able to get this picture of it.

Then I went home and translated that design onto my hankies.

The hankies I painted inspired by the back of the truck.

I have a nice stack of painted hankies now.  Probably enough to start making them into scarves.  And I already have three people who are interested in them.

Tess was the first to ask for a scarf.  Tess who bought the first quilt I ever sold (and more of my work after that) and who I named one of my first sheep after.  Often when I start working on something new I’m unsure about it.  I have more confidence now than I used to, but I never take for granted someone will want something I make.

So I was reminded of that first time I sold a piece of my art when Tess emailed me and said she’d like one of my new scarves.  And when the next two emails arrived, I knew I was on to something special.

I know I can’t depend on other people’s reactions to my work, that I need to believe in it myself.  But it’s always nice to have some encouragement along the way, whether it’s someone leaving a good word or someone wanting to buy what I’m making before it’s done.

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  1. I always enjoy and learn as I watch your creative journeys. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from you is to not be afraid to try something new, and I am grateful for that. I am having way more fun expressing my creativity since I’ve been along on your creative journeys. Thank you a million times over for sharing!

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