My First Painted Vintage Hankie Scarf

Ironing the hankies for my scarves

I am very much into painting on the Vintage Hankies. But I decided that today I would work on making them into scarves. I have tons of hankies and can always paint more. Also, it’s good for me to see how the different designs work when they’re all put together into one piece.

First I ironed all the hankies.  This will set the paint as well as flatten the hankies for sewing.

Then I played around with a few designs laying them out on my floor.  I decided to use five of the bigger hankies in each scarf.  That makes them just about 70″ long.  I’ll use more smaller hankies in each scarf depending on their size and how many it takes to make the scarf just as long.

Then I found some fabric that I thought would make a good backing.  I have a few different pieces to choose from.  Some bright white with printed white designs on them and another that is a warmer white with a small white flower print.

I needed something that wouldn’t compete with my painting but had the right feeling to go with them.

Backing fabric

I sewed the hankies together using two top stitches.  Then, sewed the backing on and did a single top stitch along the edges.

Below is my first scarf.  I’ll be making more.  I already have a list of people who want to buy them.   After that, I’ll put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop

My First Painted Hankie scarf

14 thoughts on “My First Painted Vintage Hankie Scarf

  1. WOW!! Just beautiful.couldn’t picture the scarf from looking at the painted hankies alone, but wow again, very nice!! Not surprising , Maria, you are so talented ..❤️

  2. This is just so stunning and interesting and fun. So many words would describe it. I loved seeing you having so much fun painting on the video. I can see all that happiness in this finished scarf. Wonderful Maria. You are a master or maybe mastress.
    With love,

  3. Maria, I love the scarf! Until you put it together I just couldn’t see those hankies turned into a scarf. That is why you are the artist and I am not! Ruth

    1. Yes, Ruth, I can picture often picture what they will look like by now. But it’s still always a surprise when I look at something I’ve made all together and be happy with it. Thanks!

  4. Your scarf is so beautiful! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your Etsy shop 🙂 I especially love the “upcycled” concept and giving something old a new life. Inspiring.

    1. THanks Amy, that’s what I’m all about. The hankies were a challenge at first but they work well in so many different manifestations as scraves.

    1. THanks Lori, I think of the first hankies someone sent me so many years ago. I was still in my old Studio Barn at old bedlam farm. And it’s still going…..

  5. Hi, Maria! It’s me again! I love your new hanky scarf idea and your finished one is outstanding! I would love for you to put me on the list to purchase one. My daughter in Orlando wears scarves all the time and I know she will be excited to wear one of your original works of art. Keep up the good work!

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