Portrait Of A Rock

We have many different kinds of rocks (including crystals) on the farm and in the woods surrounding it.  Most of the old drywalls are made from flat rocks, but there are occasionally some round ones that made their way in.

When I saw this round rock sitting on top of one of the moss-covered stone walls on my walk in the woods today, I was moved to take a portrait of it.

It’s so out of place, I can’t help but wonder who put it there, when, and why.  It is a mystery without an answer to contemplate.

And what a beautiful rock it is with its tufts of moss and shades of green.  There is something skull-like about it.

As often happens when I am focused on something in the woods Fate comes to check it out.

This is how she often makes her way into my photos.  I always find it interesting because she’s rarely by my side when we walk in the woods.  She has her own interests on our walks and I often lose sight of her, although I know she is never really too far away.

So I don’t know what it is that brings her back without my calling her.  Or what makes her curious about what I’m interested in.

6 thoughts on “Portrait Of A Rock

  1. Can you tell if there is moss, dead leaves or debris under it? Could give a clue…? Without Fate it was hard to tell it’s size!

    1. Yes, Joan you’re right, it does. The rock looked like it had been there a long time. But then things get covered with leaves and moss quickly around here.

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