Bud and The Dryer Ball


Bud and the shredded dryer ball.

I took the sheets out of the dryer and but could only find two of the three dryer balls. I figured it was stuck in the sheets which I didn’t fold but placed in a pile on the bed.

Later when I came in the house from my studio I found the dryer ball.

But Bud found it first.

He was in the process of spreading it into short strands of wool. At the center was still a golf-sized ball of Issachar’s felted wool.

Sure I was pissed at Bud.  But I also understand how irresistible those dryer balls must be to him.  All soft like a small animal and smelling like sheep.

What else could he do?

8 thoughts on “Bud and The Dryer Ball

  1. I’ve had Bostons and can relate. We went to the beach often and the male loved getting the stringy clumps of seaweed and methodically shredding it. It looked like he was “flossing” his teeth. I hadn’t thought of the idea you alluded to about the instinct terriers have to shred small, soft things. That’s what they were bred for ☺️

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