Fate And Her Sheep

The header on my Youtube channel is a picture of Red’s back and the sheep huddled in a circle about twenty feet from him where he has them herded.  (Fanny is also in the right corner of the photo).

I hardly notice that photo when I go on YouTube to post my videos, I’ve seen it so many times.  But when I took this picture of Fate, I thought of it.  How Red would never be looking at me or Jon when there were sheep around.  He was, as a border collie should be, always focused on the sheep.

And the sheep paid close attention to him and did what he wanted them to.

But not Fate.  Although she would rather be with the sheep than almost anything else, she will easily turn her back on them.  Looking at me for direction.

It makes for some good pictures but is telling about her sheepherding abilities.

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