Painted Hankie Scarves, The Joy Of Creating

I was laying out the hankies, trying to find the best combinations to make scarves when I found I wasn’t enjoying the work as much as I had been when I made the first four scarves.

I realized I was no longer focusing on making the scarves, but thinking of getting them done.

I was feeling the pressure of having to make a certain amount of Hankie Scarves and lost the joy of creating.  I knew nothing good would come of that.

So I left my studio.

First Jon and I meditated together, then I went for a walk in the woods.  I needed to clear my head.  A strenuous uphill walk on the way there and a more leisurely walk back to the farm was just what I needed.

Back in my studio I rearranged the hankies into three scarves and sewed them together.

All the hankies I used in this scarf had a crocheted edging.  So I decided to make them a part of the scarf. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the way it looked once it was sewn together.  I had a hard time picturing it.  But I’m glad I tried it.  I like the way it came out and how it makes the scarf even more unique.

6 thoughts on “Painted Hankie Scarves, The Joy Of Creating

  1. That is a fun scarf, it reminds me of my grammies crochet edged hankies. I will send you a picture of the one she made me for my 3rd birthday in email

  2. Hi Maria , the scarves are beautiful. I left an email last week. Perhaps with Jon. I would love to purchase one when available. I love my crane poster. Blessings. Nancy Olson

  3. Sometimes I enjoy the hard edge shapes and lines created by industrial materials and often the lines and flow of organic matter. Your hankies combine a wonderful mix of organic as well hard edge lines which remind me a bit of art deco as well as industrial art. I’m not trying to pigeon hole your art (impossible!) Just saying the elements appeal to me in a visceral way that reflects shapes I respond to.

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