Fate And Bud Sharing A Bed

It’s rare to see Fate and any of the other animals sharing bed.  So I was surprised to see her and Bud, their bodies mimicking each other, in bed together.

When Bud and Zinnia play together, Fate will break it up by barking or growling at them. And when she goes after Buds food, he turns into a wild thing, all teeth and snarls.

But when none of us humans are looking I sometimes hear Fate and Bud playing together.

Some of the things that go on between our animals is easy to understand.  But so much more is a mystery to me.

2 thoughts on “Fate And Bud Sharing A Bed

  1. So sweet and especially so because they don’t often do it. I loved seeing my lab and dachshund cuddle in a bed together. I always thought my Dixie got the better end of that deal. 😉 can’t wait to have a dog again. Going to begin our search in spring/summer for one in rescue.

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