Tracy’s Bag

The bag Tracy bought from me many years ago
“Attached is picture of the piece of beautiful art I purchased from you many years ago.  Sincerely, well loved and has accompanied years of dog adventures from the Grand Tetons to the Grand Canyon.  Oh, the stories I imagine, it could tell, I often wonder what each piece could say about their adventures prior to coming together for ours.” Tracy
It was many years ago when I made that bag for Tracy.  At first, I didn’t recognize it, but then as I looked at the fabric I remembered most of them.
What a feeling of satisfaction, knowing the bag has held up and been so well loved and used.  That those pieces of fabric sent to me from someone else reading my blog have gone on to bring pleasure and purpose to someone else.

2 thoughts on “Tracy’s Bag

  1. that bag is so lovely have you thought of making bags again? i think you would sell a ton of them , bags to hold cell phones and a wallet and glasses would be great…

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