6 thoughts on “Fanny and Lulu Serenade

    1. Ha! I don’t know but maybe Fate does, she was wagging her tail the whole time. Too bad she can’t tell me. It probably had something to do with food I’d guess. 🙂

  1. Thanks for this Maria, got me giggling over my breakfast, on a gloomy snowy day here in Western NY, a lovely ‘pick me up’.
    I don;t know anyone with donkeys, and have never heard donkey’s bray, except in videos you and Jon have posted over the years. The sound reminds me of creaky barn doors, blowing in the wind – at warp speed! I love how they decided it was all over, and after all that dramatic noise, just trotted away.
    Have a lovely creative day with potholders and scarves

  2. Yes food i imagine, what a fun and joyous sound.
    Loved seeing Fate and her response of tail wagging.
    One of my fav videos

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