More Painted Hankies….

I was surrounded by painted hankies by the time I left my studio today.  Still not enough for the remaining 8 or 9 scarves I need to make, but enough to get started on some new scarves on Monday.

I have 40 and will need about 70 total.  I like to have enough to choose from and it’s always good to have more than I need.

I’m not concerned with running out of hankies, I have another bin under my worktable with more.  But I might want to save them for next year.  I can make this a thing, hankie scarves in the New Year.

When I  posted some of my new Scarves on Pinterest yesterday there were my Shibori Hankie Scarves from last year.  I remember when I first made them I was unsure if they were good or not.  But seeing them yesterday I was impressed.  As if it wasn’t me who made them.

Sometimes time and space can work miracles.

A closeup of some of my designs
This is the scarf I sold today to the 8th person on my list

2 thoughts on “More Painted Hankies….

  1. It was delightful going to your Pinterest page and seeing the similarities of your painted scarves with the Shibori designs but created through an entirely different process. Fascinating. You are such a gifted and original artist.

    1. Oh I didn’t even notice that part Lori. But it’s all in there isn’t it? We hold on to it until we need it and it comes out again. Thanks for pointing that out.

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