Patterns From The Farm And Woods

I’m always seeing patterns in the world around me.  But since working on my Painted Hankie scarves, I’m even more sensitive to them.

The frozen mud in the barnyard created embossed prints of the sheep and donkey hooves along with my own footprints.  Then they were dusted with snow.  The pattern of the sheep’s hooves was startling. Like embossed paper or fossils.  If I could, I would have rolled a brayer of ink over them and made a print.

It’s likely those hoof prints will end up on one of my painted hankies.

I found a few other patterns that caught my eye when later I took a walk in the woods.  The shape of this mushroom softened by snow reminded me of some of the designs that appeared on the hankies that were under the ones I painted on.

I’m still thinking about the intersecting bark on this tree (I think it’s Ash).

And although a grid is something I’ve already used, I loved finding it in the woods.  This grid was created by a chainsaw on a tree trunk.  I don’t know why someone would have done that. But as with the hoof prints the dusting of snow made the pattern pop with dimension.

2 thoughts on “Patterns From The Farm And Woods

  1. Your photos of hooves and tree bark capture the simplicity of divinity. I know this probably sounds intense, yet that’s
    what I feel. The photos are stunning. I love your “eye”. Thank you.

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