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Painted Hankies for my scarf

I didn’t get into my studio today.  The morning was filled with shipping and paperwork, then Jon and I went to Bishop Gibbons to visit Sue’s Art Class.

I mailed out 7 scarves today and have orders for 12 more.   I painted a bunch of hankies on Friday and will be making more scarves in the next couple of days.   I will be painting more too.

The two hankies above were placed one on top of the other when I painted them.  I made those squiggly lines to cover a thin stain on one of them.  It was that stain that made the design go in a direction I wouldn’t have taken it.

I was going to leave the second hankie the way it was.  But when I separated the two hankies, I saw the bottom hankie had the same thin stain. So I’ll make those same squiggly lines on the bottom hankie too.

I don’t think I’ll use them in the same scarf, they’re too strong a design.

I did sell all of my Sheep Potholders, and since I have a little more of that fabric, I’ll make some more.  I have no idea why these potholders are so popular, but as long as people want them, and I have the fabric, I will make more.

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