Pine Cave In The Snow…


Zinnia poking out the side of the pine cave

Ice was falling when we headed into the woods. I was hoping for snow, but the ice would do.

I miss winter this year.  Not having the continuous cold weather has made me realize that winter is my favorite season for walking in the woods.   It’s the time of year when I am free to go where I choose in the woods.  Where my movement isn’t hampered by thick bushes and ticks.

Even if there was ice falling at them moment, there were predictions of 6-8 inches of snow by tomorrow.  I imagined my pine cave covered in snow, like an igloo on the outside and soft, green, and dry on the inside.

So when we got to it,  I reinforced it by piling up more of the fallen pine boughs that surround it, on top of it, creating more surface area for the snow to pile onto.  The dogs explored the cave and area around it while I worked.

And by the time I got done, it has begun to snow.


6 thoughts on “Pine Cave In The Snow…

  1. We have had hardly any snow also. Though had about 3 inches overnight. It has felt so odd with little snow. That is such a sweet and pretty pick of Zinnia in the pines.

  2. To have a special hideaway in the woods is a beautiful blessing. The pine smell is very relaxing for me so I would love sitting in the pine cave contemplating and giving thanks! I’m so happy that you have this magical place!

  3. When I was growing up we spent August in Northern New Hampshire. One year my mother cut down some balsam trees and I made a lean to shelter. Your stories about your’s brings back fond memories. It smelled so wonderful in my little cave. One summer I came back to discover that an animal had used it during the winter! So much magic in the woods!

    1. Oh I love your story Carolyn! It’s just magical and that the animals in the woods used it too, makes it even more so. Thank you for your story.

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