This Really Is The Last Of The Sheep Potholders


I know I’ve said it before, but this really is the last of the Sheep Potholders.

Today I used up the rest of the sheep fabric that Linda sent me.  I was able to make 7 more potholders then…

…I used the small pieces of sheep that I salvaged from the remainder of the fabric.  I still have some scraps, with parts of sheep on them, (like legs and backs), that I may use to start off a new quilt.

I’ll finish these up and put them for sale in my Etsy Shop next week.


2 thoughts on “This Really Is The Last Of The Sheep Potholders

  1. Hi Maria!
    Could I ask to buy the sheep potholder on the second row on the left? The one with the black face. If it is spoken for already I also like the other potholder with the black face at the bottom.

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