No WiFi


Fate on the Gulley Bridge

It’s 6:30 pm and I’m in my studio writing this.  The heat has been on a while but without the sun,  it’s still cold in here.

Normally I’d be in the house blogging on a Sunday, but our Wifi is out.  This morning all the internet was out, but we spend a couple of hours on the phone with someone at Spectrum and he got most of it fixed.

Except for the WiFi.

I’m in my studio because I have a cable hook up here.  I wrote the previous piece on Pages while I was in the house next to the woodstove with a cup of tea,  then came to my studio to cut and paste it onto my blog.

But now it’s time for dinner and I don’t see coming back out to my studio to write again.

So have a good night all and I’ll be back tomorrow.

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