Fate And Her Sheep


We’re expecting and mix of ice and snow today.  So I may not make it to Bellydancing.

The hens haven’t come out of the roost for days, but they did lay another egg yesterday.  I’m continuing to feed the sheep and donkeys second-cut hay.  Maybe this afternoon I’ll give them some grain too.  The older sheep especially appreciate it this time of year.


4 thoughts on “Fate And Her Sheep

  1. Maria, if we’d had zoom this morning I would have told you how appalled I was to hear your dad called your mom to see if she’d done her exercises! You make me so grateful that I had a different childhood. My grandparents in the late 20’s started a furniture business as a team she was the business head and he the salesman. Mom and my Aunt were raised as the would have raised their sons to do whatever they dreamed. When I was the first water meter reader in the town and later one of the first female mail carriers I was praised. You have had a different journey and I praise you for over coming it. You are quite amazing!

    1. I love hearing about your Mother, aunts and grandmother Barbara. And you too. Congratulations on your firsts! It’s wonderful when girls can grow up as you have. Thanks for your story.

  2. Hi, Maria. I am a commercial shepherd. I just wanted to tell you that I am alarmed to read that you plan to give your sheep grain when they haven’t been getting it regularly. This is a great way to cause bloat and potentially kill your sheep. Sheep’s rumens need to be prepared carefully foe winter grain by building up a tolerance gradually over a period of at least two weeks and then feeding grain daily until you decide to remove it gradually. Please don’t give your sheep grain cold turkey!

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