The Details Of My Painted Hankie Scarves


Details, it’s what happens when I’m sewing my Painted Hankie Scarves, what I see that doesn’t show up in the photos I post of the scarves.

Part of what makes me want to keep making these scarves is that every two hankies I sew together are different from all the others. Because each hankie is different even before I paint on it.

And I have a thing about edges, (I used to go to museums and seek out Robert Ryman’s white-on-white painting just to see how the edges of paint butted up against each other) about how they come together, even the subtleties that a line of machine stitching makes.

I also like the mix of my painting with the detail of the hankies themselves like the embroidered flowers and lacy edges. Lynn left a comment on my blog saying she especially loved “the marriage of the vintage hankies and the contemporary designs.”

 I hadn’t thought of it that way until she wrote me,  but it’s just the kind of juxtaposition I’m always looking for when working with vintage fabrics.

So I took some pictures of some of the details that I  like on the last six scarves I made.   Here they are…







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