Painting The Last Of The Hankies For Now

When Elizabeth asked me if I would consider making her a pink Painted Hankie Scarf I wasn’t sure about it.   But I told her I’d think about it.

Well, I haven’t done much thinking, but today, as I was painting hankies for the last few scarf orders I decided to try some in pink.

I toned down the hot pink paint I had with some white and started painting.

Honestly, I’m not sure how they look.  I put them aside and decided I’d see how they turned out tomorrow.  I’m not sure the pink will bleed the way the black paint does.   And I’m not sure if they’ll dry lighter or hold their color.  I did add some gray to a couple of them to see how that works.

But I’ll look at them tomorrow with fresh eyes.

I want to finish up the last of the Paint Hankie Scarves this week.  I’ve been making them for the whole month of January and I’m ready to move on to something new.  It will probably be the quilt I started working on in December.  It’s still hanging on my wall and I see it every day, so it’s still in my consciousness.

I can imagine going back to painting more hankies in the future.

Maybe trying to work with color. Maybe just focusing on more black and white designs.  I still have lots of white hankies and I feel like I’m learning how to work with the fabric paint.

It’s actually a wonderful way to learn.  There’s no pressure to “do it right” since I’m making up the rules as I go, and I get to create something while I’m learning.

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