Yesterday’s Hawk


The stand of trees on the edge of the farm, with the hawk in the topmost branches

The crows were silent this morning, but the hawk was back in the stand of trees on the edge of the farm.

It has a good view of our pastures, the marsh, and the farmer’s fields.

Yesterday on my way to lunch with a friend, not far from the farm, I saw more crows and this time a bald eagle.  The eagle flew over my car as I drove, I just got a flash of those massive wings.  I slowed and not far ahead it had landed in a tree. In the same tree, just branches away sat three crows.

I don’t know what happened after that.  Who chased who away.  But it seems the crows in all the local neighborhoods are busy guarding their territory against raptors.

In the past year I’ve come to appreciate those trees on the edge of the farm as a landing spot for so many birds.

It’s where I continually spotted the Green Heron this past summer and where I see flocks of blackbirds congregate and lift off.  It’s the place between the woods and the pastures.  It’s where the blue jay caws its warning, where a single raven roosts to broadcast its message to the other ravens, and where the crows light when meeting.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Hawk

  1. Maria – i love your story about the Crows! My father-in-law once told me that Crows have “funerals” when they lose one of their own. There is alot of very loud “talking” amongst crows – apparently quite a site to see!


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