Getting Ready For The Cold

The temperature dropped quickly this afternoon. So far we haven’t gotten the high winds that we were warned about.  I hope we don’t.

This morning I went out to the pasture to visit with the donkeys who were finding what they could to graze on.  The sheep followed me, single file on their well-worn path in the snow.

Fate and Zinnia followed me too.  Cold as it was, Zinnia took a swim in the pond, then pranced through the snow.   This is her favorite time of year.

Zinnia in the back pasture

This afternoon while feeding the animals I  watched one of our Amish neighbors drive by in a small open wagon.  I couldn’t see the person holding the reins, they were holding a big black umbrella in front of them to block the wind.  The horse obviously knew where to go.

My fingers were already cold and I had just begun my chores, I wondered what the person driving that wagon was feeling.

After putting out hay, and grain, filling up their heated water bowl, and making sure the birds had seeds, I spread some straw in the pole barn for bedding.

I’ve never done this before, even when the temperatures have been below zero for days.  And honestly, the animals never seem to need it. As long as they can get out of the wind, which they can do in the pole barn, they’re fine with their winter coats of wool and hair.

I think putting bedding down for the animals is more about my idea of comfort than theirs.

But it didn’t last long anyway.  As soon as I spread the straw in the barn, Fanny and Lulu left the second cut hay in the feeder to eat it.

Before I finished the afternoon farm chores, I saw the same Amish cart driving back in the direction it came from.  I know they didn’t have enough time to go to town and back, so I think they may have thought better of traveling too far in the cold.

I was glad to see it. I’d only been out a half hour or so and I was ready for a cup of hot chocolate in front of the wood stove.


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