Sheep Postcards Coming Soon

Liam, Asher and Kim, will be on one of the postcards

I’ve never made postcards from my photos of the animals before.  But I thought it would be nice to have a sheep postcard to send out to people as thank you’s when they bought my wool.

That got me thinking about which photo to use.

There are a few that came to mind and a couple of them were pictures that many of you liked.  So I decide on the one above of Liam, Asher and Kim and the one below of Robin.

I’ll use some as thank you’s and also sell them in my Etsy Shop. The packs will have three of each image in them.

I also ordered more Heron Magnets.  People keep buying the posters and postcards so I imagine there may be more people who would like the magnet too.

Robin postcard

8 thoughts on “Sheep Postcards Coming Soon

  1. I’m excited about the three sheep post cards. I loved that photo. Any chance you would consider making magnet of the photo?

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