My Mystery Snail Coming Up For Air

We’ve recently had some trouble with our fish tank.  It was being taken over by a type of algae that attached itself to everything and grew and grew.  It’s been a while since we’ve had any Mystery Snails.  When the last one died and we replaced it, that one quickly died too.

So we didn’t get anymore.

Last weekend we reworked the fish tank and in the process got two Mystery Snails.  They haven’t been very active, but yesterday one of them came up for air.  Mystery Snails do this from time to time.  They have a siphon which is a small air tube that they stick out of the water.

There are a few things that I love about this video.

One is that you can see inside the snail shell as the snail is moving.  If you look carefully you can even see the snail stick her siphon out of the water.   The other is that you can see the snail breach the waterline. The water appears as a fluid line that gracefully conforms to the shape of the shell and the snail itself.

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